Ideas...the Creative.

Where do they come from?

Most of us have stared at a blank sheet of paper. Or have stared off into space desperately hoping that a more determined stare would reveal a great idea.

The creative process, in one sense, is a formula: Part, science; part, art. Ocassionally, capturing the Art can be exasperating: Good creative in its formative stage is vaporous…light...elusive. The challenge is knowing when, and with what measure, to mix other ideas with the first spark; and, subsequently, how to shape it.

Got an Idea? If not, no problem.

I Do!


One can view a selection of past projects by scrolling further down. A pdf portfolio, which includes a list of services, is also available for download here.

Project Selection

Assembled is a solid cross-section of work from print and digital worlds showcasing some of my technical, creative and production versatility.

Web Design, Creative, Copywriting


TATLOW & RAWLINGS - Apostles of Paine
Tatlow & Rawlings spawned the "Common Sense Movement" to reclaim the American republic.

I originated the concept, produced all creative and graphics, wrote most of the copy and coded website using a Bootstrap 4 framework, HTML5, CSS3 and some Javascript.

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Broadway Musicals - Marketing


Have worked on numerous touring Broadway productions for the Artistic Producer who brings shows into Western Canadian markets. One of the most popular shows is CHICAGO - fishnet and murder are always in style. CHICAGO sold out its run at the Royal Theatre in Victoria.

Based on CHICAGO's branding guide, I produced all the print/digital/online marketing collateral as well developing a web site, social media and web admin duties too.

The Carole King musical: Beautiful completed a sold out run at the Royal Theatre, Victoria, BC - January/February, 2020. Some other shows I've worked on: MAMMA MIA!, Jersey Boys, The King and I, Blue Man Group.

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Branding, Creative, Production


SPREZZATURA - Life Deliciously Absurd
The concept for this production is based on a long-running, highly successful show in Europe: Five-star dining, theatre and cirque all staged within a vintage Spiegeltent.

I was responsible for establishing the overall design aesthetic and creating a name for this show (SPREZZATURA: Life Deliciously Absurd) which was to premiere in Canada. Created a promotional package for investors. The package included a magazine, promotional video and temporary website.

Promotional Pieces for NGO


Created a series of promotional pieces for the UNDP. Strict adherence to their Identity Manual.

Ad Agency Storyboards


Young & Rubicam was hired to help boost tourism in Prince Edward Island. Y&R contracted me to do the storyboards. I was given the copywriting, most of what is seen here. However, I did have the creative freedom to illustrate/compose the cells as I saw fit: Added a few lines of copy too.

My illustrative background includes commercial illustration, concept sketches, cartoons and a book for kids.

Yacht - Marketing Collateral


Can one make incredibly gorgeous British Columbia even more gorgeous? It is possible if you cruise the Pacific Northwest on an 86-foot custom built yacht like Amnesia IV.

I created and wrote a range of print/digital collateral to market Amnesia IV for charter. Eventually became friends with the owner (A stowaway is still classified as a friend, right?). Knew every inch of this vessel, both sober and smashed. Beautiful no matter your state of consciousness.

Photoshoot Image Editing


Me and one other person processed hundreds of images of a Photoshoot. The photos were part of a presentation for longstanding client, Boston Pizza. The photo archive had a couple dozen different uniforms, and mulitple variations for most of those uniforms. We performed post-production on raw images on models. Colour changed the garments, as required, after processing. Provided mock-ups and created presentation boards.

Large Scale Art Commision


The finished installation was a large format translucent print 87-feet wide by 15-feet high. This translucent print was then applied to a floor-to-ceiling window. The large scale file - highly complex overlapping layers of illustrations, images, photos and filters - was edited, assembled and output in Photoshop.