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The Common Sense Movement to Reclaim the American Republic

Tatlow & Rawlings is non-partisan,

Big money, partisan politics and the political establishment have little motivation to help the average working man and woman. Whether one chooses Democrat or Republican, it's largely a distinction without a difference.

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"The Cause of America is in a Great Measure the Cause of all Mankind." - Thomas Paine.

Urgent Matters

The legacy of this degenerate is epoch defining: an unconscionably corrupt, treasonous, emotionally brittle and morally bereft president that the Republican party sprinted to embrace.

The general sentiment was America would slowly but surely recover from the Trump presidency. Over two-years later and America seems to be picking up speed to drive off the cliff into the abyss. These are urgent times.


Right Time & Place

Common Sense Movement

"The Cause of America is in a Great Measure the Cause of all Mankind." - Thomas Paine.
Paine's sentiment of over 245-years ago remains true in the 21st century world.

The Mission

1. Champion the rebirth of the persuasive, self-evident logic underlying Thomas Paines’ writing, which influenced events in both the American and French Revolution.
2. Aspire for a day when all discourse is weighted by common sense, critical thinking and logic.
3. Explore how the Common Sense Movement can participate in political reform and/or lead to the creation of a third party.
4. Make our case for the Common Sense Movement via a two-pronged approach: Creating content of substance and humor.

More Smoke

Defies Logic


So, even though the number of billionaires in the US has increased 600% from 101 in 1992 to 614 in 2020, no one individual or like-minded group wanted to fund a third party?

They would influence policy from a distance like Koch brothers and Robert Mercer. Secondly, most 21st century billionaires make the Koch brothers and Mercer look like stinky white trash.

Who We Are

TR boots-runners

Our approach is to reclaim common sense in American / western culture with a judicious blend of intellectual rigour and humor.