Welcome. You have entered the temporary galaxial territory of Two Worlds. Retooling efforts commenced in June, 2019. Spartan offerings can be found for your perusal throughout Two Worlds.

A common question for those new to this part of the cosmos: What is Two Worlds? It is one website comprised of two worlds: “My World” - a galaxial assemblage of personal influences and ephemera; and “the Other World” - a summation of my communications work and skills.

So come on in. There is room for everybody. Say, are you looking for a creative, accountable communications professional right now? Jettison to the Other World to view a selection of my work. Feel free to transmit your thoughts via phone or email found at page bottom.

Ambient Sector

Relax. Kick back in a titanium skin and barrel-roll at Hypersonic Mach-5 through the icy, boundless dark.


The rover Opportunity took is photo from Wdowiak-Ridge, Mars (33.9 million miles or 54.6 million kilometers away!!). I get overwhelmed with a sense of feeling great to be alive when looking at photos like this. Feel awestruck and inspired by the ambition, commitment and scientific achievement.

NASA and SpaceX are where it's at!

Song: Pink Medicine by Bearson

Pink Medicine dovetails perfectly with my conception of traveling through the cosmos. It was created by, Bearson, a spooky talented DJ from Norway.

The song was barely audible when it first caught my ear amidst the morning bustle of a coffee shop. While listening to Pink Medicine scan the surface of Mars in the adjacent photo. Or scroll to the top of this page and look deep into the galaxy.

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!